Sunday, July 18, 2010

PCM Rides for Ibrahim

Kooky is causing a tsumami. It is a rave now. She informed me today that PCM will be riding for Ibrahim on Friday night 30 July 2010, holy month notwithstanding.

I am lost for words to see the how the speed and responses for call ups are zapping in the networks. Blogs, websites, comments, Face books, Tweets, SMSs and mobiles. Land lines not verified yet. Runners, cyclist and triathletes are now responding with lightning speed and near the to the speed of light.  Believe me, I am really old school. Thank you all.

PCM is Putrajaya Critical Mass. Families come in doves to Putrajaya every last Friday of the Month for a social ride on their bicycles around the city lights. I have been riding safety warden for the evening and every body knows me as Uncle Allen as I would be lighted up like a Christmas Tree, always there at main road junctions controlling traffic.

If you have a bike, do come and join us. It is fun.
For more information please visit :

Call me @ 013 3948839 anytime to directions to Putrajaya.

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