Monday, July 12, 2010

Fourth relapse ?

Ibrahim - compare him with his photo in my earlier post below.

I visited Ibrahim in his house in Rawang today. Ibrahim’s father had told me that Ibrahim is not faring well and he is already bed ridden.

Ibrahim is indeed very sick.

I had asked previously, how many cancer relapse can a person take? How many relapse can a frail child take? Ibrahim had finished his maintenance chemo sessions and radiotherapy on his testicles only last month. He looked well enough to be on his way to full remission. But last Sunday Ibrahim had lost 5 kg in weight in one month. Loosing weight does not augur well for cancer patients. It looks like Ibrahim is into another relapse, his fourth, and this time at several places in his bones. He is in constant pain in the bones and cannot even sit up in a chair. He is also suffering from malnutrition. A stark profile of a child in famine. Large eyes, normal size head with a skeleton body frame. He is in a critical situation. I have bought him some food and gave him some pocket money to buy more food, any food for now. He needs more high calorie and high protein foods to pull through. He is too weak to take another round of new chemo treatment for now. The problem with chemo treatment is the effectiveness does not last. Cancer cells will be able to be immune to the chemo dosage pretty soon enough. A higher dosage of the chemo or a new drug will be needed. And the vicious cycle goes on; unless a stem cell/bone marrow transfer is done on the patient, to increase the patient’s level to cope with a higher dosage of chemo.

Ibrahim needs help immediately. He will be re-admitted back to HUKM tomorrow for further medical treatment. We hope and pray that he will survive this time around and be sustained long enough until he can be treated with stem cell / bone marrow treatment. We will have to seek sponsors for his stem cell/bone marrow transfer very quickly. Time is the essence now.
We will fight for Ibrahim, and fight we will. Ibrahim, you just hold on. We are with you.

Allen Lai

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