Saturday, September 28, 2013

UMMC Study Group

A big thank you to Peter Wong for arranging with Dr Mohd Nahar  of UMM sports department. for an exercise related study .Eleven of our Prostrate Support Group members enlisted. The study is scheduled for 6 months. We were weighed in and our baseline body mass and physical fitness recorded.
The following analysis were made for every individual:

Body Composition Analysis.
Muscle Fat Analysis.
Obesity Diagnosis.
Nutrition Evaluation.
Lean mass Evaluation
PBF/Fat Mass Evaluation
Fitness score.
Basal Metabolic Rate.
Body Impedance.

Another process to evaluate our stress tests and VOmax test are scheduled this coming Saturday.

 Dr Mohd Nahar

 KS Wong and Zack with Dr Nahar

 Mr Das weighing in

 Gym equipment

 More equipment

 Spa therapy

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alternative Medicine

Do you believe in magic? The sense and nonsense of alternative medicine. This is the latest book by Dr Paul A Offit MD. 

Dr Paul Offit is not the first to write his professional views in this subject. There are many such views of alternative medicines. Some are known variably as alternative, complementary, holistic or intregative medicines. These alternatives to conventional treatments have made it to be mainstream treatments. 

Do you believe in magic? What is magic? But belief is a powerful thing as real as Reality Distortion Fields. Placebo effects are very much a magic syndrome.

Dr Offit argues that there is no such thing as alternative medicines, only medicines that works or medicines that don't work. He also is not in favour of megavitamins and stressed that megavitamins are dangerous. Read about the shocking revelations by Dr Offit.

If you are thinking about alternative medicines, I strongly suggest you read Dr Offit's book, as least as a second opinion. Don't just believe. Whatever your choice, do not forsake conventional treatments. Modern medicines are strictly evidence based and regulated.

Take care

Allen Lai

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Elekta VMAT Radiotherapy

Hi all,
Doctor John Low also introduced to us the latest machines in radiotherapy. The VMAT is now available in Pantal Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. 


Read Elekta's product description below :

Next generation arc therapy for faster treatments, lower radiation dose to the patient

Elekta VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) is Elekta’s next generation arc therapy technique that establishes new standards for radiation therapy treatment speed and dose reduction to the patient. With Elekta VMAT, single or multiple radiation beams sweep in uninterrupted arc(s) around the patient, dramatically speeding treatment delivery. Doctors can use Elekta VMAT with complete or partial arc(s) to reduce treatment times from the eight to twelve minutes required for “conventional” radiation therapy to as few as two minutes.
Three-dimensional volume imaging technology integrated into Elekta treatment systems increases the precision of Elekta VMAT. This enables physicians to visualize the tumor target at the time of treatment and to guide therapy that both maximizes the radiation dose to the target and minimizes exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.
Most important, compared to other commercial arc therapy techniques, Elekta VMAT provides the oncologist with the greatest freedom of choice regarding how the optimal dose will be delivered. This is achieved through the unique flexibility of Elekta treatment systems to simultaneously apply digital control to all treatment parameters, allowing doctors to manipulate the radiation dose and the imaging dose. Both advantages mean patients receive the lowest possible dose outside of the targeted area with their Elekta VMAT treatment.

Take care.

Allen Lai

The Hallmarks of Cancer

Dr Low, Head Pantai Cancer Institute used the Hallmarks of Cancer to explain the cancer cell, its properties and characteristics. The slides below are fairly complex and technical.

The Hallmarks were presented by Dr Dauglas Hanahan and Dr Weinberg and are the most recent explanations of cancer cell properties.

Visit the site below for full explanation:

I will try to explain in plain language in my coming posts. (If I can).

Talk by Dr John Low

Full Gospel Hall KL organised a talk by Dr John Low, Head Pantai Cancer Institute on Saturday 21 September 2013 at FGH. 

Dr Low

Attendees at the session.

The talk was well attended by canncer patients, survivors and care givers.
Dr Low elaborated the on causes and current approaches to cancer treatments . He also introduced the new VMAT radiotherapy now available in Pantai Hospital. Dr Low emphasised that we should be knowledgeable in cancer and know how it grows and spread. He explained that cancer is ultimately a genetic disease; a defect or damage in the DNA of our body cells. He also emphasised that cancer victims should not avoid medical treatments, exercise to be strong and change our lifestyles. The only cure is to seek treatment. After care include continue a healthy lifestyle, have close followups and join support groups.

The Q&A session was well answered by Dr Low.

FGH is hosting a cancer support group in its premise. Registration is open to all. FGH shall hold monthly activities, the next talk is scheduled in 3 weeks. This was FGH first session of talks to be organsied for FGH Cancer Support Group

Take Care.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Functional Foods

Hi all

These posters say it all. Healthy eating.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gait Speed

Gait Speed tests are easy to perform and evaluate. Gait Speed is the pace of movement of an individual. Slow gait speed are mostly due to body and mind ailments. Whilst Gait Speed tests are being used  primarily to gauge the health of elderly people, the test can also generally be used for cancer patient's prognosis.

Generally most people can walk at a pace of 3 mph.

Frail people moves in a much slower speed. Visit here to read more about Gait Speed tests and its implications.

Take care

Allen Lai