Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quality Living

Whist treatments and care for cancer are improving by leaps and bounds, the undertaking is still quality life with cancer; as there is still no cure yet for this dreaded disease. Yes I do believe in living life to the fullest, but how ? with daily thoughts of relapse overhanging in our heads?

My first realisation to quality life is prompted by my Oncologist in the IKN. She had said very clearly that we should not be too anxious about our PSA rising. That is the job of the Oncologist and Urologist to monitor us. We just go about and live a full life. Cancer is now viewed together with all other aspects of our health. Oncologists are more interested in our body metrics, our other ailments and health issues. Cancer treatments are now addressing in totality to sum up what and when our next treatments are going to be. Basically we should be as healthy as possible.

So what is a quality life? How to we get it? The first thing is not to focus all our attention to being cured of cancer. We should be focused totally into what we want in life. What are we passionate about? Determine that and we are begining to have quality life.

There are many hobbies that delights. It is very individual depending on what we like, have the talents for and are interested in. Things like travels, painting, music, sports, movies, readings etc etc are all very good hobbies. I like photography and I have just started into it in a more passionate way. I do not just point and shoot now. 

Photography combines well with what I like to do; which are travelling, exercises and reading. I take the trouble to visit the wetlands and nature parks to do wildlife photography. I carry my huge camera for all my walks and photograph anything which catches my attention. And of course there are so much to read up in photography. 

This is my new quality living.

Below are some of my favourite captures. I use FLICKR to share my photos.

Take care and have a quality life with anything you can be passionate about.

Allen Lai