Monday, March 3, 2014

Institut Kanser Negara Putrajaya

I visited the brand new Institut Kanser Negara in Putrajaya this morning. It is very impressive and had started to be operational recently. The Institute is presently adequately staffed with 20 Oncologists and full supporting admin and clinical staff.

The Institute only caters to patients who are post initial treatments from the government and private sectors. A referral letter in necessary from your present Oncologist.

The facilities offered are state of the art. You got to see it to believe. Latest technologies and drugs available. Below are some snaps of the Institute. See the signage board for facilities. 

Kecemasan Kanser ? Drive in Pharmacy.

A perspective view

EBRT, LINAC, Brachy OT, Nuclear medicine,  Full Imaging facilities

Stereostatic Radiosurgery (SRS), Tomotherapy,, Nuclear meds with hot lab