Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hi all,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.
Good health and blessings always.

Enjoy the festive seasons.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NCSM QiGong Class of 2010

 Dr Borhan

 Master Yap

 Last session

 Group photo

 Full stretch


QiGong food

Hi all,

QiGong Class of 2010 ended its last session for the year with simple ceremony and buffet. We had enjoyed ourselves learning new QiGong movements under Master Yap.

Happy practicing QiGong, See you all next year. Class starts on Sunday 02 January 2011.

View more photos here:

Allen Lai

Thursday, December 16, 2010

QiGong Testimony

Hi all,
I am both surprised and pleased that Mr Bob Ellal had responded promptly to my last post on Zhineng QiGong.  Mr Ellals’ respond is a classic  testimony that QiGong works miracles for us.  However he is correct to advice that QiGong should only be used as an Adjunct Therapy to professional medical treatments. It is also to be noted that QiGong is a not a onetime session.  QiGong should be practiced daily and mindfully.
Thank you Mr Ellal for sharing your success with us. God bless you.

I quote his response below:
Qigong—Chinese mind/body exercises--helped me immensely in my successful battles with four bouts of supposedly terminal bone lymphoma cancer in the early nineties. I practiced standing post meditation, one of the most powerful forms of qigong--as an adjunct to chemotherapy, which is how it should always be used. Qigong kept me strong in many ways: it calmed my mind--taking me out of the fight-or-flight syndrome, which pumps adrenal hormones into the system that could interfere with healing. The deep abdominal breathing pumped my lymphatic system—a vital component of the immune system. In addition, qigong energized and strengthened my body at a time when I couldn't do Western exercise such as weight-lifting or jogging--the chemo was too fatiguing. And it empowered my will and reinforced it every day with regular practice. In other words, I contributed to the healing process, instead of just depending solely on the chemo and the doctors. Clear 14 years and still practicing!

Bob Ellal
Author, ‘Confronting Cancer with the Qigong Edge’

Read Mr Ellal’s  full post here:

Allen Lai

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zhineng QiGong

Hi all

I have being practicing QiGong for the past three months under Master Yap with the National Cancer Society  Malaysia. Now almost on practically a daily basis. The form of Qigong I practice is Zhineng QiGong.

There are as many forms of QiGong as there are masters of the practice. In the book The complete idiot’s guide to Tai Chi and QiGong, master Bill Douglas  (Founder of World Tai Chi and QiGong Day) explained that Tai Chi is a form of QiGong, and they are essentially the same. They stem from the same roots for concepts and movements. However whilst Tai Chi is totally QiGong, All QiGong is Not Tai Chi.
Huh? Whatever.
Do not be confused and disturbed by the mysteries and myths of these ancient sciences of healings and wellness regimes. Just practice QiGong or Tai Chi.

Just practice.

I do not wish to dwell on the benefits and cures by practicing QiGong. Suffice to say it cannot do you any bad. There are just too many benefits to pen and too many explanations to explain. I’ll let you go to the QiGong Institute to find the answers you are looking for. The institute has loads of studies and clinical trial’s reports for your answers.

Enjoy QiGong. You will love it like me, and all others.
Visit the QiGong Institute at:

Allen Lai

Happy Afiq


 The occasion

 Me and Afiq


Having a blast

I was very happy to have received an email from Afiq's mother  last week. Afiq is well and is on his last leg of treatments for Consolidation. It means Afiq's prognosis is good and that he has responded well to the chemos administered over several months in HUKM. Thanks to all the doctors, nurses and staff who had help to get Afiq to get better.

Afiq can now go home, but needs to be on day care treatments in the hospital for maintenance of medications and observations.

I was with Afiq, his 2 siblings, Nenek and his parents last Sunday in a Telematch party organised for cancer kids in three major hospitals in KL. The party was held in the closed stadium in Titiwansa, KL.

Afiq was beaming and very happy to see me. We high fived and hugged. Afiq looks very good in his T shirt and jeans with a red bandana scaf on his head. How cool and handsome.

I am glad to note all the participating kids were having a bast in games organised. This is what all kids should be doing all the time. Thank you to CARES for all your care.

I am glad Afiq and I bonded well,We we look forward to more gatherings together when he is more recovered. I promised to see him next at the Putrajaya Night Run in mid January 2011.

Welcome home Afiq. You made all of us proud seeing, you so happy and courageous.

Allen Lai

High Tea

An occasion for high tea was held by two prostrate cancer support groups on 5 December 2010. It was a first time joint get- together held at the Lake Club Subang Jaya. In previous years, our prostrate support group from the National Cancer Society Malaysia has held their annual party in a member's home.

About 60 participants from both groups attended the sumptuous lunch/high tea. There was lots of chatter, laughter and good food to eat for the whole afternoon.

Thanks to Mr Das and Mr Liew and all those who had made this occasion possible and enjoyable.

Hope this will be an annual affair.

Allen Lai