Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ibrahim Update 3- Palliative care at its best

Palliative care work wonders. Received SMSs from Mazlan that Ibrahim is settling down nicely in HKT. He is visibly much better than yesterday. He had plenty of visitations from his relatives and Mazlan is busy assisting the visitations. We will be getting Ibrahim’s kampung address so that we can send essential items / foods to him via courier services. I am in constant touch with Mazlan via SMS. When he comes back to KL for work, he will tell me who to contact in Kuala Terengganu. Thanks to mobile phones, SMS, the internet and the courier services. We are indeed living in a very well linked world.

Palliative care includes the actual medical treatments and administration provided for by the hospitals. Palliative care also include essential human touches and human soft skills.  The sum total of medical treatments, care givers attention and other human touches all add up loads of synergy effects to Ibrahim’s prognosis.  We had all done our part and Ibrahim should be on his way to full recovery and he should be able to receive his next planned phase of chemo’s shortly. Good planners are always several steps ahead in the game plan. Big C hit the wrong guy. Ibrahim’s friends are one tough group of people who will always belong to the winning team.

Mazlan and I are already planning into the final phase for Ibrahim’s medical treatment; Bone marrow transfer (BMT). Mazlan has agreed to approve the procedure. Ibrahim has a younger sister 8 years old called Kakak and a younger brother 2 years old called Adik. They would have the best and natural source to match Ibrahim’s marrow. Once we know the cost involved in Ibrahim’s BMT, we would be approaching NGOs and the corporate sectors for assistance.

Anybody who is in the Ivy leagues or know somebody, who knows somebody in these leagues, please give us a hand for any leads. Thank you.

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