Saturday, September 15, 2012

Profiles in Leadership

Winter Vinecki and her late father

Winter Vinecki is an amazing young lady. An elite athlete from the age of five years old and now a Global Fighter for Prostrate Cancer. She is determined, compassionate, focused and an Angel from Heaven. She is featured in Profiles in Leadership at the Prostrate Cancer Foundation.
Her inspiration is beyond words. The world salutes her.
Watch her interview video here.

Visit Winter's website here

Take Care

Allen Lai

Prostrate Cancer, Exercise and Nutrition

I was browsing the Prostrate Cancer Foundation website and came upon a very uptodate study and information about the Exercise and Nutrition to Prostrate Cancer. It is the best way to be on the offensive to fight cancer. Whilst this book is basically about Prostrate Cancer it is also very relevant to all types of Cancers.

Download and read it. It will save your life. 

The Prostrate Cancer Foundation is linked here:

Take care 

Allen Lai

Friday, September 14, 2012

Princess Kate

Prince William and Princess Kate

Prince William and Princess Kate are now in Kuala Lumpur. The princess visited HOSPIS Malaysia. We are pleased that the Princess take after her late mother in Law Princess Diana in palliative care for the terminal and the sufferings of children. She has won the heart of all Malaysian.
I append her first speech on foreign lands. She is so wonderful, compassionate and elegant.

Visit the link below for her speech.

Thank you Princess Kate.

Allen Lai