Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Light towards bloodless Prostrate surgery

Green Light Laser Surgery is also now available in Malaysia. Green Light Laser Surgery uses vaporisation of the Prostrate gland. It is best suited for enlargement of the prostrate associated with benign tumours. It has superior advantages over the standard TURP procedure.

Quoting Mr Jay Motola

Green Light Laser is one of the most common minimally invasive procedures that are performed for relief of the symptoms that are associated with BPH. The effects of this procedure are very similar to those that are achieved with the more traditional TURP(transurethral resection of the prosate) but is associated with fewer side effects, shorter periods of catheterization, quicker recovery, and no need for hospitalization. In essence, the effects of the laser can easily be compared to removing the pulp of an orange and leaving the rind behind.

Less than 1% of patient will experience 
erectile dysfunction after the procedure, and 1/3 of the patients have retrograde ejaculation after the procedure. Some of the common side effects include mild burning with urination. Although incontinence can occur with this procedure, it is very uncommon, especially when it is performed by an experienced Urologist.

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PROGENSA PCA3 Scan for Prostrate Cancer

PROGENSA PCA3 scanning and diagnosis for Prostrate cancer is finally approved by the FDA. AND it is available now in Malaysia. It is non invasive and uses urine to test. PCA3 is a highly specific to Prostrate cancer. It has marked advantages over the standard PSA test. The PCA3 assay results will be more conclusive to the PSA test.
Browse the internet forPROGENSA PCA3 or  call me for further discussion

View a T cell attacking a cancer cell

An engineered T Cell

Technology is so advanced that we can now make videoes under the microscope. Watch this amazing video.

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Preventing and Fighting Cancer Nutritionally

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Last Saturday on 10 March 2012, NCSM hosted a very informative talk on the above subject by Mr Jagdave Singh. Mr Jagdave is currently the president of the Malaysian Dietary Supplenment Association and a member of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical society.

The talk was well attended with more than 50 participants.
Mr Jagdave talk was very informative and relevant both to cancer survivors and non cancer people. He covered the essential foods and nutritions needed to ward off cancer in particular and for inflammation in general. His contents are well researched, current and focused to the issues that really make us unwell.

He illustrated his talk with more than 50 slides. I post some herein.
You may contact me to discuss any foods and nutritions as I took down lots of notes and slides.
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