Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of cell protection and antioxidants


The Prostrate Specific Antigen (PSA) score is the standard biomarker post medical treatments for prostrate cancer. My PSA dropped down to 0.02 from a high of 27 after my radiotherapy and hormonal treatment. The score had leveled out at 0.02 for the whole year 2011. My Oncologist and I are pleased and comfortable with the score which is monitored every three months. It would not go lower nor do we expect it to go any lower. I was technically cancer free after two years.
I still had residuals of radiation in my body. It has taken a toll on my muscle intensity and I had hot flashes for side effect. It was all right as I was able to manage the damage. But then radiation would still remain in my body for some time to come and it would continuously cause free radicals. And this may cause my prostrate cancer to relapse.
The best way to combat free radicals is to have a strong immune system and to consume plenty of antioxidants. I need a cell protection package to block further damages to my cells by the free radicals and also to build up my first line body defence with potent antioxidants. The fight is now using my own body combat power.

I put my strategy in place by consuming Chinese mushroom called Linzhi and green tea for cell protection and drink a potent fruit blend for antioxidants. I took double dosages daily for six weeks prior to my last PSA check up on 17 January 2012.

My Oncologist and I were delighted by the PSA result. It scored 0.01. It had remained at 0.02 for the whole of last year. What a pleasant surprise for my Oncologist who expected no changes to the score of 0.02, but I was more than 100% confident of my cell protection package and fruit blend. I banked on product confidence and testimonies to these products. I am happy and I know my score will go down further for my next test in May 2012, with my happy cells well protected and adequate antioxidants being steadily built up.
Please feel free to call me to discuss my strategy and build ups of my body defence.
Happy Chinese New Year and take care.
Allen Lai