Monday, July 12, 2010

Cultural Shock

I am starting Qi Gong class at the NCSM every Sunday morning at starting at 10.00 am for two hours. Our Qi Gong master is Master Yap. Our class comprise of mixed gender participants.
I have always had heard about Qi Gong (Hei Gong to the Cantonese) and I had always akin Qi Gong to some form of Kung Fu / Tai Chi martial arts. How I wrong was.

I would believe that I am the last Chinaman in China, or anywhere else overseas for that matter, who would learnt what Qi Gong actually is, and get culturally shocked. My Master’s first statement was Qi Gong was not an exercise. I was straight away disorientated and was so confused that I did not hear what Qi Gong actually was. Never mind I’ll find out from him after class.

Master Yap had us seated in rows in front of him, and without much ado, closed his eves and went into a meditation stance. We followed likewise without any instructions. We should be feeling calm, composed and relaxed. Master Yap then spoke in a chant like recital. Again I could not hear him clearly, as I was not used to his voice yet. And also being half deaf. Never mind, just follow and we will know soon enough. And soon enough we were following Master Yap into several “exercises” beginning with our feet, stomach, arms and shoulder blades. But then I recalled Mater Yap telling us Qi Gong was not an exercise regime. We were to know that those physical exercises were called Chen Qi. We were taught some basic Cheng Qi movements for about an hour before we started on Lar Qi. Lar Qi was apparently mental Qi Gong, the former being physical Qi Gong. Ok I will have to digest that later. Lar Qi was so much easier to follow, except for the concentration part. My mind was everywhere, except thinking of controlling the flow of Qi into my body. We were suppose to close our eyes and think good thoughts. We will have to visualize Qi inside our bodies, in great abundance, filling the parts inside our bodies void of Qi. So said Master Yap.
I had two lessons now and I am beginning to see the concept and rationale in Qi Gong. I enjoyed my lessons and tried to practice them on my own at home. I saw some good links and readings in the internet; and I am now a firm believer that Qi Gong is good for us, cancer patient or no cancer patient.

I do not intend to explain Qi Gong to anybody as I am a beginner. Suffice only to say that we should give Qi Gong a try, its difficulty not withstanding. One day and only after many practices we will be able to reap the benefits of Qi Gong.

I will try to post some links to good Qi Gong sites in the internet and uTube in my later posts.

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