Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ibrahim update 5 - All is well that ends well

The crisis to get fresh red blood for Ibrahim ended well at 1645 hours. Syabas to HKT. Transfusion was administered immediately and all will be well again. I had just transferred online RM500.00 to Mazlan to used as petty cash in KT. There you are Ibrahim, you are fixed up and we hope there will be no other crisis lurking round the corner. God has sent in the artillery troops. Soldiers in KT had been alerted and they shall be on call. All stand down. Once in a while we should be tested for our competency to crisis management. I would believe I had just passed my test, with God's help of course.

Kooky Kash is one kool Kooky. She had always rose to the occassion under all battle conditions. I must add she is very infantry. She too passed her competency test in this crisis. Kooky had called me to say that she had O+ blood group set and will be ready to donate her blood for Ibrahim. Thanks Kooky. I am glad to have you as my partner in any situation. You rock.

Back on the normal front Kooky and I had planned to dispatch some nutrients and stuff to Ibrahim in HKT. Kooky is really resourceful and can make things happen at the drop of the hat. She will purchase the nutrients from Nestle at staff price. That should give us some super savings as the nutrients I believe, are super expensive. She will also make the arangements to dispatch the package by courier service soonest. Her talents in logistics will make most of us awe. Kooky is a 'solutions person' as she will have solutions in her pocket for any occassion.

Thanks Kooky.

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