Friday, November 28, 2014

Stable PSA

Hi all,

Yes I have not posted for quite awhile, the main reason being I am changing my lifestyle from pure physicals to a bit more outdoor adventures for fun and also trying out a new approach. However my standing strategies to beat cancer remains unchanged. That is to maintain a healthy and strong body through exercises, fresh air, hydration and sunshine for vitamin D. I also pray without fail to God for his blessings.

My PSA had been rising slowly and steadily since I had stopped my Zoladex injections for a year now. My Nadir level was 0.01ng/ml when I was under hormone therapy.  My PSA rose from 0.02 ng/ml in January 2013 to 0.18 ng/ml in November 2014. A steady rise of about an average of 0.01 ng/ml per month. It levelled off intermittently in May 2014 and plateaued off at 0.18 ng/ml for the last three months.

I am pleased with my strategies to beat cancer. However I should note that I began to take 1000 mg of Metformin every night since March 2014. This may be the cause for my PSA to plateau off. I shall continue to monitor the effects of Metformin in the coming reviews.

Take care all. I am off to celebrate.

Allen Lai