Monday, November 15, 2010

The China Study

The China Study is not about China. It is about you and me and what goes on inside our bodies after we have eaten. There are books on nutrition’s and there are books on nutrition’s. In fact too many in the bookshops to confuse us.

The China Study is a medical scientific study undertaken by the US for the past 40 years. The title of this book is taken from the China-Oxford-Cornell Study on dietary, Lifestyle and disease Mortality Characteristics in 65 Rural Chinese Counties.

The project covered 12 kinds of cancer in over 2400 countries and 800 million people. This report should be worth your while to read and to have a basic understanding of the relationships between diseases and the foods/nutrition we eat.  The China Study is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted.
I do not wish to write a review about this book. Suffice to say that is had been the best seller in its category. The book is written by D Colin Campbell, and it is available in all major book stores and libraries.

Read it as it may save your life later on.

Allen Lai

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Antioxidant Miracle

I take antioxidants too to fight the free radicals in my body. Just like everybody else I am perplex as to what are the best antioxidants to take, its true effectiveness and cost of course.
We all know antioxidants comprise the vitamins, minerals, acids, akalines, flavonoids and including the whole works in biochemistry.

Dr Lester Packer is the foremost scientist in antioxidants, having spent his whole working life in the Packer Lab in Berkeley. He wrote the book The Antioxidant Miracle in 1999 and today this book remains relevant in the studies in antioxidants. This book is a must for every home as it is very comprehensive and detail in telling us the functions and roles of antioxidants.

The two very important things highlighted in his book are one, our cells are either water based or fat based as such antioxidants can only work in either type of cells, but not both.  And two, There are antioxidants that networks. Dr Packer had discovered that some antioxidants actually network to achieve  synergic levels.

These networking antioxidants can actually overcome the water/fat barrier by being able to work in either types of cells. They are also able to recycle each other when expanded in our bodies.

These networking antioxidants are Vitamins C and E, Lipoic acid, Glutathione, and CoQ10 enzyme. They are the antioxidant micrale.

Read more yourselves. The book is available in any major bookshop or library. This knowledge is worthy and may enhance your life in many ways.

Allen Lai