Thursday, December 3, 2015

In equilibrium

I had my latest biannual checkup at the IKN on 1 December 2015. To my delight my PSA remained in plateau at 0.162. It had remained in this range for the past 9 months. Flat but with a slight down trend.

My doctors say that I am a model patient and expects me to do what I have been doing to keep my PSA stable. I acually see my Urologist at HUKM and Oncologist at the IKN biannually. Both are monitoring and observing my personal fight with PCa.

Whilst I am into remission, I still keep myself abreast with the latest in PCa and the new treatments/drugs available. Thanks to dedicated doctor-scientists there are many new innovative treatments and approaches/options available. But one thing is reasonablely clear, the doctor-scientist are slowing down in finding a cure for cancer. It looks futile. The trend is now looking at cancer managements. They are looking into approaches for patients to treat cancers as manageable chronic dieseases and not terminal cases. We are agreeable that cells mutate into cancerous cells in harsh environments due to stresses, toxicity and environmental impacts. Cells perform optimally in good body health.

The present treatments regime still stands. The strong paradigm shift is towards attaining good health and quality of life.

 Good health means daily exercising, eating well, happy and stress free activities, resting and prayers. Today I am in equilibrim with my daily regimes and routines. Everything is well balanced. I am in good health, eats well, rest well and happy with my hobbies. I pray daily too.

My body metrics are:
Weight - 67 kg
Blood pressure - 120/81
Heart beat - 68 bpm
Oxygen level in my body - 98%
Trigs - 1.29 mmol/L
Total cholesterol - 3.42 mmol/L
HDL - 1.5 mmol?l
LDL - 1.33 mmol/L
HbA1c - 6.7

All the above readings are excellent for my age.

The above graph shows my PSA readings. 

Take care

Allen Lai