Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ibrahim Update 4 - Call up for blood doners

Ibrahim's photo just came in by MMS. He looks good.

It is 3 days now since Ibrahim was transferred to HKT. He seems to be reasonably stable as he has started to eat piza on his own. He had many visitations and his father is happy.

Ibrahim's blood content is still so unpredictable. Just got a call from Mazlan. Ibrahim's red blood count moved up to 9 points as suppose to a normal range of 4.0 to 5.6.  In cases of leukemia where rouge white blood cells grow at a tremendous pace, these bad white cells will soon take up more space in the blood stream. Hence red cells will be curtailed perilously low.Very very dangerously low. It may result to brain damage if the brains does not get enough oxygen via red blood cells. I am not sure why HKT's blood bank may not have enough type AO positive for Ibrahim.

I have told Mazlan to go to the nearest army camp in KT to source for emergency blood. He is to use my name. The duty officer of the regiment will call me up for authentications.

While all this emergency briefing to Mazlan is going on my mobile interrupted me.

God is great. Please, please, believe me for this time only. It cannot be anybody but God getting an army lady officer from MINDEF to call me if I would like to attend any regimental functions during our Corps birthday this weekend. Again I was saved by the bell, as I was also franticly trying to get somebody in MINDEF at the same moment. I instructed the lady officer to contact the Malay Regiment stationed in Kuala Trengannu to round up blood donors. Once contact is made, the rest is SOP. (Standard Operating Procedures.)

Thank you lady officer and I still do not know your name.  I'll find out to thank you later. You have just saved our Ibrahim's life. I can sense your confusion. You took your instructions well from and old officer whom you had not met before, but only know my name. God sent you to me.

Ibrahim you hang on. Blood and more Piza is on the way.

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

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