Friday, July 23, 2010

Ibrahim Update 6 - another angel passed by

One day several months back as I was cycling round my block one evening I stopped to assist 2 ladies in distressed. Which gentleman wouldn't? Tina and her lady friend was riding when the latter fell down. Now don't you laugh as she was learning how to ride a bike only at a very matured age. She wasn't hurt but the chain came off the rear spocklets. The gentleman stopped and said "Can I help ?" and did. We exchanged hellos, pledged to ride safe and went on our ways.

Fast forward yesterday. I was just starting to do my training run around my block when Tina, whom I had not met since the last time I helped in the episode described, came up from behind and said "Hello Allen, long time no see. I was trying to catch up with you but somehow in wain." we exchained pleasantries and I told her about our Ride for Ibrahim Do with our PCM gang next friday night.
Tina responded immediately and said she will ride PCM next week and would like to give some nutrietious extracts for Ibrahim. She is a reseller for exfuse products. I welcomed her contributions and made arrangements to receive FOUR bottles of SEVEN+ to be couriered imediately to Ibrahim in HKT.

I Googled to learn about SEVEN+ extracts. I won't try to impress you what the extracts are. Please google for it yourself. Suffice to say that it is God sent remedy for what everybody is looking out for. Certainly it is pricy enough to be in the Ivy leaque's choice supplement. Thanks Tina for the four bottles and one for me as well.

Our super logistician Kooky dispatched the extracts to KT at 4 pm today. I went shopping with my care giver today and bought a proper juicer and some glass cups and plates for Ibrahim. Ibrahim should not be using any plastic things from now. We are starting to looking into the smaller details to propel Ibrahim to better health on a fast track.

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