Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What me worry?

Me on top of Australia at Mount Buffalo, Victoria, April 2012

No I am no longer worried now that I have cancer. It is too late to worry. The battle is on. I must be focused to fight my battle.

Yes we should worry BEFORE we get cancer. Yes, prevention is better than cure. Much much better. Trust me, it is true. You can only believe me when you unfortunately become the next victim of cancer.

Be aware of the threats to our body. Be smart on how to avoid cancer. Cancer is on the rise worldwide. But it NEED NOT BE YOU, if you start worrying about it from now. Take care, extra care if I must add. You have no margin for errors. If cancer strikes, thats it. The battle is on for you too. No extra time for worries.

Read and do the needful to eat well, exercise adequately and practice good lifestyles.Better still be a care giver or be an advocate for good health, because doing so will take you to the path of good health, good knowledge in health issues and healthy practices.
Stay healthy.

Take care
Allen Lai

Metastasis, Angiogenesis, Apoptosis

Big words, difficult to understand and more so what do we have to do to fight cancer. Fighting cancer is firstly to understand the underlying factors and activities in those difficult words.

In simple terms understand them as:

Metastasis - Cancer cells spreading to other parts of your body from the organ / place of origin.

Angiogenesis - The process in which a network of blood vessels that penetrates into cancerous growth. Metastasis requires angiogenesis to progress. View video below

Apoptosis -  cells that are induced to die / commit suicide.
View video below

Not any type of Green Tea

Your cup of green tea

We are now very certain that green tea is good to fight cancer. Nobody doubts it any more.

But what actually is needed when we drink green tea, to fight off cancer cells? Not the taste. Not the smoothness required by tea connoisseurs, but the catechin polyphenols, particularly Epigallocatechin Gallate or commonly known as EGCG.

Yes EGCG. The most powerful antioxidant that inhibit the growth of cancel cells in our body. And it is happily NOT harmful to our healthy cells.

So don't just drink any green tea without first checking out on the contents of the EGCG. Not all green tea are the same in the EGCG contents. Look for the labeling. If it does not describe the EGCG value, forget it, you will just be drinking tea, notwithstanding it is green. It is sooting and refreshing at best, but no polyphenol. NO EGCG. Period.

There are very few green teas in the market that actually shows EGCG values. Definitely not those green teas bought off the shelf in Supermarkets nor generally from any pharmacies . Look for EGCG.

Be knowledgeable. Take care.

Allen Lai

Of Cell Protection and Antioxidants 2

On January 18, 2012, I had posted my personal believe and strategy on how to protect my good cells from cancer cell attacks and to improve my immune system to fight off the existing cancer cells and new free radicals in my body by taking quality antioxidants. The results were encouranging as my PSA had further droped from 0.02 to 0.01.

My oncologist and I are delighted that my strategy works and is on track. My last PSA reading taken on 08 May 2012, continue to remain at 0.01.

It had held on for the last 6 months. This the best testimony and benchmark, that the quality supplements that I am taking are working as expected. I have shared this approach and the brand of the supplements that contributed to my success with my peers. It will provide the improvements to our immune system as expected. Trust me.

Take care
Allen Lai

Monday, May 28, 2012


New MyPlate 2012

Original Food Triangle 1992

The US Department of Agriculture ( USDA) released a new graphic icon called MyPlate to replace the familiar Food Triangle as the US standard for nutritional guidelines.

The Food Triangle had served its purpose for more than two decades. The triangle had displayed stratas of types of foods that are good or not good for the body. Foods at the top strata of the triangle were to be avoided and consumed less than foods shown in the lower strungs. The Food Triangle had become the univeral benchmark for nutritional guidelines. The graphical triangle was used in all nutritional and health promotional literatures and brochures.

Whilst the basic nutritional guidelines remains essentially the same, the new MyPlate do emphasise eating less on grains and cereals and more emphasis on fruits and vegetables. It is also noted that the new MyPlate does not mention anthing about fats and oil.

MyPlate is devided into four quadrants, one each for Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Proteins. Two quadrants are of the same size except for the vegetables and fruits quadrants. And that also the vegetables quadrant is slighter larger.  It is also noted that dairies are included as a side dish.

The graphical icon is colour coded and is easy to read and to follow. This new icon will eventually take its place in all nutritional guidelines worldwide.

The MyPlate underlying messages include:

Eat and enjoy your food.
Eat lesser portions.
Drink water instead of sugary drinks.
Eat less sodium.
Switch to low fat or fat- free milk.
Make half your plate comprise fruits and vegetables.
Eat whole grain cereals.

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