Thursday, May 30, 2013

Supplements Exposed

Supplement Exposed. The TRUTH they don't want you to know about vitamins, minerals and their effects on your health. This is another book to read if you take supplements daily. A well researched and argued book about the myths abound vitamins and mineral supplements in the health industry. It takes a lot of courage , efforts and conviction to write an expose on this subject. Brian R Clement Phd is the Director of Hippocrates Health Institute. He has seen enough in complimentary health care. The book discuss the four major misconceptions namely:
1. Food contains all the vitamins you need.
2. Synthetics are equal to natural nutrients.
3. Vitamin science are results reliable.
4. You can trust the natural label.

Be warned that synthetics are pure chemical and it may be toxic to the body. Our bodies reacts differently to natural whole foods that contains the nutritions therein and synthetic nutritions. For example Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is just part of the Vitamin C complexity.

The author says the only standards to trust is the Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS). Ensure that you see the NOS label in each bottle of supplements you purchase.

Now that you know.

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Allen Lai

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The truth about cancer

Hi all,
Here is a new look into what is cancer. It is natural and about survivorship of your cells. Just like you, your cells adapt to survive under all threats to the body. It is God's way to ensure our cells mutate to exist in  an induced unfriendly environment to the body.

See this video for a clear understanding of what is cancer.

I subscribe to this message. I walk the talk. Today I am in full remission from my prostrate cancer. I do what this video tells us to, and more. I only wish to add a bit more than what is shown in this video.

We need the best immune system in our body all the time to fight off the carcinogens now easily coming into contact with our body. Eating relevant and functional food is just not enough. Present day foods are sadly depleted of its nutrients. Processed foods are the real culprits to cause of cancer.

Thank you Leyu Chong for the lead. See the video here:

Take care

Allen Lai

Nutrition and physical activities after cancer treatment

Hi all,
You may wish to visit to take the free class on nutrition and physical activities after cancer treatment.

 The class work consist of 28 informative and comprehensive slides to guide you along with the nutrition needed and physical activities.

Visit here :

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Allen Lai

Latest drug approved by the FDA - Xofigo

Another drug has been approved by the FDA in May 2013. Xofigo (radium -233 dichloride). This drug is to be used for prostrate cancer survivors who are now in an unfortunate castration resistant stage. Xofigo is approved for treating cancer that had spread to the bones but not yet to any organ in the body.

Xofigo is marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Read Xofigo here :

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Luck, bad luck, maybe

My philosophy..You will live a day longer for each and every step you run.

Have you heard about the fabled story of the farmer, his son and their horse? Good Luck, bad luck, maybe.

There was this farmer who had a male horse to assist in his family farm. One day the horse broke away from the paddock and ran away. The villagers all felt sorry for the farmer and said what bad luck. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

A week later the farmer’s horse returned to the farm and proudly brought back a mare with it. The villagers rejoiced and said what good luck. Now the farmer had two horses to assist in his farm. Good luck bad luck, maybe.

One day, the farmer’s son rode on their new horse. He fell off the horse and broke his legs and had to be hospitalized for a few months. The villagers again felt sorry for the farmer for his son’s mishap. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

A civil war then broke out. The army was recruiting all able bodied young men to the war. Most of the soldiers did not come home. The farmer’s son was exempted for conscript because he was no longer considered able bodied. The villagers were very happy for the farmer. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.
So the story goes. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

Survivorship from cancer have various degrees of ‘luck’. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.
Our Oncologist follow standard surveys data and statistics in their prognosis. Most says you have a good chance but then, it is known that there are some who are not so lucky. So the prognosis goes. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

I take it that, even if there is a low percentage of survivorship of say the standard 20/80 percent rule. I will still wished to be in the 20 percent who will survive. But I cannot be satisfied by wishing only. I must place myself into that group. Now is not a time for Good luck, bad luck, maybe. I must will myself to be in the good luck group by practicing the best lifestyles with strict discipline. With these efforts I will surely be placed in the survivors’ group. No?

Good luck, bad luck, maybe.
Allen Lai

Friday, May 17, 2013

Another Food Pyramid like no other

Healthy for Life food pyramid. curtesy of Ray D Strand, MD

Here is a very logical food pyramid taking into account insulin spikes and insulin resistance.
Ray D Strand, MD propagates that the current concept and understanding of metabolism by the medical profession is outdated. The current universal food pyramid does not take into account Glycemic Indexes (GI) and Glycemic Loads (GL).

Ray D Strand has shared his believes and undertaking to promote GI and GL and its fundamental effects at the cellular level. His recent book Healthy for Life is a well researched and well argued rationale for his works and approach as a practising physician.

Note the differences between the current universal food pyramid and the food pyramid above, particularly high GL of whole grain bread, cereals pasta and rice.

I believe and subscribe strongly to the above food pyramid.

Take care
Allen Lai

Thursday, May 16, 2013

PSA Review

16 May 2013.

Today I did my second quarterly PSA test post hormonal treatment. The last Zoladex administration was exactly 6 months ago. My Oncologist and I are delighted that my PSA level had remained 0.02. No change to last reading.

My Oncologist ordered me to do what I have been doing, which obviously was effective to contain my PSA level. I have a complete new lifestyle. I walk, run, cycle and swim for my exercises. I do simple light weight training to boot. I try to eat as best as I can of the recommended foods and avoid those foods not recommended. The latter is more difficult than I thought. I eat quality relevant supplements to augment my daily intake of food.

I am to do quarterly PSA tests for the time being to ascertain that I do not have a relapse of the prostrate cancer. It had been a tough 3 years treatment. I am glad that I am doing fine and hope all is well soon.

Take care
Allen Lai

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Be a healthier you

Yes I read any book on health. Even all the books say the same things over and over again. Boring ? Not really. It is not about what we already know, but it is about how and what to do or not to do. Thats the difficult part. So as I read different authors, same matters are always presented in different ways. It is refreshing and looking at health from every angle.

The two books that I have just finished are Healthy for Life by Ray D Strand, MD and Healthiest you ever 365 ways to, by a team of writers ; Meera Lester, Susan Reynolds, Murdoc Khalgh,MD and Brett Aved. The team have written several books in the same series ....You ever 365 ways to.

Ray D Strand, Md has written several other books on health. He produces his writings with medical evidence. Ray D Strand is an allopathic practitioner who understands the importance of nutrition. This is a fact book instead of a "fad" book. It is very important to understand health at the cellular level. What is going on inside us.

The second book by the team of authors apply to daily practical and effective activities/things we could do to have a healthier us.This book covers all aspects of health including Diet and Nutrition, Strength, Mental agility, Endurance, Flexibility, Recreation and Rest. You will be energised from head to toe.

Yes you can now explain why you are still on the couch, just say you are allowing your cells to rejuvenate and repair.

Google for reviews of the books. Both are excellent readings.

Take care

Allen Lai