Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The fourth edition to one of the best and popular books on cancer may be 10 years since publication but it is still the most relevant reference book on cancer. Choices - The most complete sourcebook for cancer information.The book is written by Marion Morran and Eve Potts in 1980 and it is still the best book of the month in Amazon in 2015.

Read the book review below:

For more than twenty years, Choices has been the leading source-book for cancer patients and their families. Fully revised to cover the latest medical and technological breakthroughs, Choices, Fourth Edition, provides the most up-to-date and essential facts on cancer, from diagnosis to recovery -- medication and nutrition, symptoms and stages, and all available surgical and nonsurgical treatments -- in an accessible, easy-to-use Q&A format. The book also includes checklists of essential questions for your doctor; useful Internet resources; a state-by-state listing of cancer-related programs, organizations, and services; reviews of complementary and alternative therapies; updated listings of chemotherapy drugs and their side effects; the facts on common misconceptions regarding cancer treatments; and advice on practical living concerns for both survivors and caregivers.
Recommended by health-care professionals nationwide, Choices is a unique and invaluable reference. Marion Morra and Eve Potts's clear, compassionate advice is on every page, offering reassurance with the informed knowledge every cancer patient needs to make the right decisions throughout the treatment process.

I recommend this book for anyone who wish to know some quick information on cancer. However do note that cancer treatments, care and drugs for cancer are very much more advanced than described herein. The book covers all the basic need to know only.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Wishing all my Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year 2015. May the year of the goat brings good health and prosperity to you and your families always.

Allen Lai