Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ibrahim Update 8 - Towards getting better

Encik Mazlan had SMSed that Ibrahim is getting much better after palliative treatments in HKT. Our additional food and nutrient supplements are working well with him too. He is beginning to eat pizzas and things like that. Ibrahim has gained back some weight in him . However his full blood count is still on the down side despite blood transfusions. Given that there is no signs of remission in his leukemia, it is imperative that his white blood cells would remain high. As it is, all these are excellent progress so far and we feel that Ibrahim would be off palliative treatments soon. If all is well he should be discharged from the hospital sooner than later.

The next treatments would be another full session of chemos to be administered as soon as possible to arrest the growth of the cancerous white blood cells.

On our side we are making Ibrahim as happy and comfortable as possible. May Senn is currently in Kuala Trengganu for office work. She will visit Ibrahim to cheer him up with pizzas and stories of our runs for him. Kooky and Paul Lee participated in the annual Port Dickson International Triathlete Race last weekend. Both had pledged to give their finishing medals to Ibrahim. How nice of them. This should certainly cheer Ibrahim up.

PCM members will ride for Ibrahim this Friday night in Putrajaya starting at the Palace of Justice at 9.00pm. Come and join us for this ride and contribute a small token for Ibrahim. This is the least we could do for the month of Ramadan.

For more information on this ride please call me at 013-3948839 for details.

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