Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ibrahim update 1 - Palliative treatment

 Kooky with Ibrahim

This is the winning smile we wanted to create. Ibrahim will be off the terminal list soon.

Following Ibrahim's recent relapse, he was in a critical stage and was admitted once again into HUKM at 4.00 am Friday morning. Before he could fully recover from his treatments for his testicles. Cancer had attacked all over his bones and joints. Doctors oncall had categorised him as too week to be administered for anything else other than morphine, morphine and more morphine. Later in the day Ibrahim was able to be dripped with saline, minerals, and blood transfusions. It was ER all the way.

Then the specialist came around, but then they still could not proceed with the dreaded chemos. Ibrahim must be stabilised first. Calls were made to HKL's national central blood bank for more blood transfusions. No more can be done for Ibrahim, who was now sedated in morphine and was in a state of delusion. Ibrahim was placed for palliative treatments and administration. Meaning relieving pain or alleviating a problem without dealing with the underlying cause, cancer.

Ibrahim's father, Encik Mazlan was in a state of total shock. He never thought of calling me or anybody when Ibrahim was admitted to the hospital. The doctors had told him that Ibrahim was a terminal case. He may take him home if he wants to. Who wouldn't be shocked by such cold but insensitive prognosis?

Encik Mazlan eventually called me the next day, Saturday. He had tried to explain the situation to me, in all jumbled facts. I rushed immediately to see Ibrahim in the Pediatric Wad to find him really done in, and in a the worst condition I had ever seen him. His mother, siblings and an uncle and auntie were already there. All "tunggu masa". I managed to extract out the bit and pieces from Encik Mazlan. I pleaded with the nurses on duty for me to see Ibrahim's daily report cards to no avail. Confidential and I am not authorised access. The IV nodes, oxygen, drips hanging down and Ibrahim being wired up spoke for itself.

I was fortunate that the doctor on call  did his rounds early in the evening. I caught him at the reception desk and he was good enough to spend some time with me. We discussed Ibrahim's condition in detail. He was very sympathetic and clear in his discussions. The hospital could not do anything more than palliative treatments. Ibrahim must recover on his own. I won't pen the doctor's stand on Ibrahim's chances of survival. I can't. I have faith in Ibrahim. He has fighting qualities. He had looked forward to my visit. His eyes told me that he was alright.

I then bargained with the doctor. Would Ibrahim be better off in the hospital or go home? He was caught off guard and said of course he will be better looked after in the hospital, nurses, equipment, ICU etc etc. Ok then, thank you doctor, Ibrahim is staying and not going home to tunggu. Please state Ibrahim's requirement for continuous palliative treatments in the hospital. I wouldn't have anything otherwise and I speak on behalf of the father. Please send an urgent note to the departments' nutritionist. Spare nothing. Ibrahim will fight and we will all fight for him.

Kooky and I had planned to visit Ibrahim this evening. Kooky had done a wonderful job sounding the alarm bell. She had created a tsunami of responses in her networks. She had managed to collect RM3266.00 for Ibrahim's fund todate. AND, she had said she expects more to come. Kooky was so upbeat that she SMSed me as the collections increased each time, minute to minute like bookies did in last football world cup. Relax Kookie my first joke on you.  Allen Lai is in the best mood today.

On top of the contributions, there were calls for coordination of visitations. All hands were on deck. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban (If there is Life there is still fight). I was amazed that everybody wanted to do something. Thanks guys, we are team. Kooky and I finally agreed only to invite Nurina (a triathlete and nurse by profession) to come along. Thanks May Senn for cueing Nurina early. We had discussed and shortlisted the emergency foods for Ibrahim. From Nestle's to Appleton's to..... We will ensure Ibrahim will get the best food. Thank you for you generous contributions and well wishes.

The most heart warming thing to see during our visit was to see kids with kids. Kooky's children Nady and Citra had tagged along. Nady wanted to give Ibrahim his personal favourite Transformers toy. Nady was taught that if he wanted to give something to somebody, he must give his most favourite toy. He had no reservation, no regrets and no boundaries like his wonderful mom. Nady rocks. An unconditional bond was made on the onset. Nurina and Citra had also given him a soft toy each.

We know that children in the terminal list are often given their last wish. The therapy is aged old and serves the purpose of making the child happy so that they forget their pain and sufferings. This indirectly will make their bodies want to fight to live for another day. I promised to take Ibrahim for my bike rides with PCM and runnings with Pacesetters when he is well. I promised to buy him a bike when he can ride one day. The day will come. I promise.

Together we will not loose Ibrahim, not without a fight. Agi Idup Adi Ngelaban.

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