Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So you need a plan

If you don’t plan, you are actually planning to fail. Period.

Do you need a good plan for a new you? Mark McKeon’s book Every day Counts – Your system for a healthy body and balanced lifestyle provides you with an excellent plan for a healthy body and lifestyle. It is a unique and practical day - by - day method, presented in a manner that can be easily understood by us all. The system is simple, concise and self driven. The daily merit/demerit points system is easy to work with, informative and motivational.

The book starts with John Norley’s famous quote that “all things are difficult before it becomes easy”.
Mark McKeon was a professional former fitness coach for the elite Australian Football League Club, Collingwood and he knows how to deliver.

McKeon’s Point System include credits and debits in points, to achieve Points targets for Food, Exercise and Pressure. Rewards and Humanity Days are integral parts of the system.
Keeping a log book is critical to the programme.

A list of foods is given with its point system. Plus 1 point for good foods, 0 points for neutral foods and minus 1 point for “bad” food. You can make your own list of what is good and what is “bad” foods.
Points for exercises are scored for training in any form of exercise or sport, and not for intensity or speed. One point is awarded for every 15 minutes of exercises. Maximum need for exercise points per day is 6 points, which equates for 90 minutes of exercise.

Points for Pressure are scored 1 point for every 5 minutes spent keeping your life in balance. All it takes is taking time out to chill, relax, meditate, deep breathing, doing Qi Qong, Yoga. Anything that is food for the soul. Target points for Pressure points is set for 4 points daily.
The maximum points score for the day is set for 14 points per day. However the perfect score is set at 26 points. But this should not be the goal.

Humanity Days is a day off for every 7 days, 7 weeks and 7 months after commencing the programme. It is the incentive to keep on the programme.

McKeon’s Target Points per day are as follows:
a.     Food points - 12 points each day.
b.     Exercises points -  4 points each exercise day. No points needed for non exercise days.
c.      Pressure points - 4 points each day.
d.     Total points on 4 exercise days  - 20 points per day.
e.     Total points on 3 non exercise days – 16 points per day.

Can do? Go get the book from your nearest book store. Now you have a plan.
I got to start my planning now, but then again my spouse always have her other plans for me. So invariably I do my Plan B.

Cool ya?

Allen Lai

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