Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Porche car I am not

Saturday 19 October 2013.

UMMC measured my shoulder and knee strength. Using all my brute strength, I tried to be like a racing car with fantastic torque. But a Porche car I am not.

The peak torque for my shoulder is 16.9 NM for its EXT rotation and 42.5 NM for its INT rotation. The average power 17.9 watts and 36.0 watts respectively. Deceleration time is 110 msec and 220 msec respectively.

The peak torque for my knee is much better, reading at 81.5 NM for extension and 66.8 NM for flexion. The average power for my knee is 68.1 watts and 59 watts for extension and flexion respectively. Deceleration time stands at 230 msec for both extension and flexion.

Looks like I am still running like the good old Mini Minor. I will need to tune up my engines for better performance. Whoom !!

Allen Lai

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