Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Foray

Wow factor - Not me yet

Me. Haha 

 Warming up by cycling for one hour in my neighbourhood


Saturday 12 October 2013. First Foray with UMMC. Dr Nahar issued us with one resistance band each for our first set of exercises. UMMC wants us to have biceps like the picture above. Don't drool. Possible? Definitely yes. No study is without homework. Aiyoh. Alamak. We are to do exercises on alternate days using the Resistance Band Exercise Group 1 & 2 worksheets.

I have already started using it. It looks easy, but not so, after 10 repetitions with 3 sets for each drill. The orange rubber band is one mean equipment. Simple stretches and versatile, but effective. I had muzzle sore straight away. Long way to go for me. But slow and steady I shall deliver.

Dr Nahar also reminded us on no cheating on the sets and repetitions as he will issue us with a log book next weekend.

Yikes!! But it is going to be fun. What, the ladies group is already into their 3rd month. Siew Fune showed us her biceps. Wow.

Take care.

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