Sunday, May 26, 2013

The truth about cancer

Hi all,
Here is a new look into what is cancer. It is natural and about survivorship of your cells. Just like you, your cells adapt to survive under all threats to the body. It is God's way to ensure our cells mutate to exist in  an induced unfriendly environment to the body.

See this video for a clear understanding of what is cancer.

I subscribe to this message. I walk the talk. Today I am in full remission from my prostrate cancer. I do what this video tells us to, and more. I only wish to add a bit more than what is shown in this video.

We need the best immune system in our body all the time to fight off the carcinogens now easily coming into contact with our body. Eating relevant and functional food is just not enough. Present day foods are sadly depleted of its nutrients. Processed foods are the real culprits to cause of cancer.

Thank you Leyu Chong for the lead. See the video here:

Take care

Allen Lai

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