Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Be a healthier you

Yes I read any book on health. Even all the books say the same things over and over again. Boring ? Not really. It is not about what we already know, but it is about how and what to do or not to do. Thats the difficult part. So as I read different authors, same matters are always presented in different ways. It is refreshing and looking at health from every angle.

The two books that I have just finished are Healthy for Life by Ray D Strand, MD and Healthiest you ever 365 ways to, by a team of writers ; Meera Lester, Susan Reynolds, Murdoc Khalgh,MD and Brett Aved. The team have written several books in the same series ....You ever 365 ways to.

Ray D Strand, Md has written several other books on health. He produces his writings with medical evidence. Ray D Strand is an allopathic practitioner who understands the importance of nutrition. This is a fact book instead of a "fad" book. It is very important to understand health at the cellular level. What is going on inside us.

The second book by the team of authors apply to daily practical and effective activities/things we could do to have a healthier us.This book covers all aspects of health including Diet and Nutrition, Strength, Mental agility, Endurance, Flexibility, Recreation and Rest. You will be energised from head to toe.

Yes you can now explain why you are still on the couch, just say you are allowing your cells to rejuvenate and repair.

Google for reviews of the books. Both are excellent readings.

Take care

Allen Lai

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