Thursday, May 30, 2013

Supplements Exposed

Supplement Exposed. The TRUTH they don't want you to know about vitamins, minerals and their effects on your health. This is another book to read if you take supplements daily. A well researched and argued book about the myths abound vitamins and mineral supplements in the health industry. It takes a lot of courage , efforts and conviction to write an expose on this subject. Brian R Clement Phd is the Director of Hippocrates Health Institute. He has seen enough in complimentary health care. The book discuss the four major misconceptions namely:
1. Food contains all the vitamins you need.
2. Synthetics are equal to natural nutrients.
3. Vitamin science are results reliable.
4. You can trust the natural label.

Be warned that synthetics are pure chemical and it may be toxic to the body. Our bodies reacts differently to natural whole foods that contains the nutritions therein and synthetic nutritions. For example Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is just part of the Vitamin C complexity.

The author says the only standards to trust is the Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS). Ensure that you see the NOS label in each bottle of supplements you purchase.

Now that you know.

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Allen Lai

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