Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Luck, bad luck, maybe

My philosophy..You will live a day longer for each and every step you run.

Have you heard about the fabled story of the farmer, his son and their horse? Good Luck, bad luck, maybe.

There was this farmer who had a male horse to assist in his family farm. One day the horse broke away from the paddock and ran away. The villagers all felt sorry for the farmer and said what bad luck. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

A week later the farmer’s horse returned to the farm and proudly brought back a mare with it. The villagers rejoiced and said what good luck. Now the farmer had two horses to assist in his farm. Good luck bad luck, maybe.

One day, the farmer’s son rode on their new horse. He fell off the horse and broke his legs and had to be hospitalized for a few months. The villagers again felt sorry for the farmer for his son’s mishap. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

A civil war then broke out. The army was recruiting all able bodied young men to the war. Most of the soldiers did not come home. The farmer’s son was exempted for conscript because he was no longer considered able bodied. The villagers were very happy for the farmer. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.
So the story goes. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

Survivorship from cancer have various degrees of ‘luck’. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.
Our Oncologist follow standard surveys data and statistics in their prognosis. Most says you have a good chance but then, it is known that there are some who are not so lucky. So the prognosis goes. Good luck, bad luck, maybe.

I take it that, even if there is a low percentage of survivorship of say the standard 20/80 percent rule. I will still wished to be in the 20 percent who will survive. But I cannot be satisfied by wishing only. I must place myself into that group. Now is not a time for Good luck, bad luck, maybe. I must will myself to be in the good luck group by practicing the best lifestyles with strict discipline. With these efforts I will surely be placed in the survivors’ group. No?

Good luck, bad luck, maybe.
Allen Lai

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