Friday, May 17, 2013

Another Food Pyramid like no other

Healthy for Life food pyramid. curtesy of Ray D Strand, MD

Here is a very logical food pyramid taking into account insulin spikes and insulin resistance.
Ray D Strand, MD propagates that the current concept and understanding of metabolism by the medical profession is outdated. The current universal food pyramid does not take into account Glycemic Indexes (GI) and Glycemic Loads (GL).

Ray D Strand has shared his believes and undertaking to promote GI and GL and its fundamental effects at the cellular level. His recent book Healthy for Life is a well researched and well argued rationale for his works and approach as a practising physician.

Note the differences between the current universal food pyramid and the food pyramid above, particularly high GL of whole grain bread, cereals pasta and rice.

I believe and subscribe strongly to the above food pyramid.

Take care
Allen Lai

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