Thursday, May 16, 2013

PSA Review

16 May 2013.

Today I did my second quarterly PSA test post hormonal treatment. The last Zoladex administration was exactly 6 months ago. My Oncologist and I are delighted that my PSA level had remained 0.02. No change to last reading.

My Oncologist ordered me to do what I have been doing, which obviously was effective to contain my PSA level. I have a complete new lifestyle. I walk, run, cycle and swim for my exercises. I do simple light weight training to boot. I try to eat as best as I can of the recommended foods and avoid those foods not recommended. The latter is more difficult than I thought. I eat quality relevant supplements to augment my daily intake of food.

I am to do quarterly PSA tests for the time being to ascertain that I do not have a relapse of the prostrate cancer. It had been a tough 3 years treatment. I am glad that I am doing fine and hope all is well soon.

Take care
Allen Lai

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