Friday, May 30, 2014

The Prostrate Diaries –Dr McHugh's decision process

Dr John McHugh in the cover of his book

Dr McHugh decision flowchart

Even Urologists are not spared from prostrate diseases including prostrate cancer. Dr John McHugh MD is one urologist who has prostate cancer.
Dr McHugh has developed two tools to assist new prostrate cancer patients to decide what would be the best treatments for them by firstly knowing about themselves and acknowledging it honestly. Next is to understand prostrate cancer and finally to evaluate acceptable risks and side effects from several conventional treatments.
Visit Dr McHugh’s very informative website here:
Download Dr McHugh’s decision worksheet and evaluation sheet from here:
and here;

Thank you Dr McHugh for your excellent and inspiring website. We wish you well. Newly diagnosed patients should read Dr McHugh's best selling prostrate cancer book "The Decision - Your prostrate biopsy shows cancer. Now What?"

Take care.
Allen Lai

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