Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Biomarker tests for Prostate Cancer

Recently there are several new tests available for Prostrate cancer They are:

A. Tests That Improve the Accuracy of a Negative Biopsy

• Prostate Cancer Mitomic Test (PCMT)
• Confirm MDx Test

B. Tests That Improve the Accuracy of Pathologic Grading of a Positive Biopsy or Radical Prostatectomy Specimen

• OncotypeDX Test (Genomic Prostate Score)
• Prolaris Test (Score)
• Decipher Test (GenomicProstate Cancer Classifier)
• QuadVysion and ProstaVysion Tests
• OurView Prognostic Panel

C. Tests that Improve PCa Treatment Selection and Efficacy

• Caris Molecular Intelligence Profile and Profile Plus Tests

Visit the full report here:

A summary of the new tests as reported in the New York Times:

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