Thursday, May 8, 2014

The journey that you take

The journey that you take to fight prostrate cancer or any type of cancer matters.

If you are still looking for a golden rule to practice, look no further. The golden rules of this journey are:
a.     Believe in yourself.
b.     Believe in faith and hope.
c.      Believe in having knowledge makes the difference.
d.     A journey forward has no turn around.
e.     Helping each other along the journey makes our journey more purposeful. 
f.      It is best to talk to one who has been there, and not to others who will only offer sympathies and half- truths at best. Our journey together will teach you to take the falls and overcome each and every obstacle.

Success is an ability. First is to recognize an opportunity. Second is to form a plan and strategy to leverage on the opportunity and lastly to acquire the necessary skills to execute the plan and strategy. Your journey, which starts with the first step, will take you to a victorious end.

Prostate cancer is generally a slow growing cancer. It is treatable and you should have adequate time on your side. Early detection is key to successful prognosis. Medical science is progressing by leaps and bounds with new drugs, imaging tools and sustainable treatment protocols. Be knowledgeable with Prostate cancer. Join social and support groups to allay your anxiety and improve the quality of your lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of joining your nearest Prostate Cancer Support group.

In summary, you should always assess yourself. How old and healthy are you? How aggressive is your prostrate cancer? Are your symptoms real or perceived?  Are your symptoms related to your cancer or due to other ailments? Knowledge is empowering. Doing the necessary at the critical time may save your life, or at the least lengthen your survival period by years or months. Maintain a diary to discuss and share your prognosis. Read recommended books, Dr David Servan-Schreiber’s classic book Anti Cancer – a new way of life being a good book to start with. Also read Terry Herbert’s booklet  A Strange Place – An Information Guide to Prostrate Cancer. Be cautious of misinformation and false expectations to remedies. Note that Louis Pasteur (1813 -1878) said “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything”.

Take care

Allen Lai

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