Monday, May 12, 2014

Metformin and cancer

If you have cancer and diabetes like me, we are in for a bonus. Recent studies since 2012 have indicated that Metformin, a common drug for treatment of diabetes may also be effective to prevent cancer and treat cancer.  Glucophage is a common trade name for Metformin. More trials are being conducted now. I do not normally recommend something without first approval for cancer treatments by the FDA, but I choose this exemption because I believe in Metformin. I am also killing two birds with one stone. I hope.

Metformin is a cheap drug and has minimum side effects. Taking 1500 mg/day is safe. I have just started to take Glucophage XR in addition to my other drug for diabetes. I take 1000 mg daily as I also take Diamicron for my diabetes.  My blood sugar level has since stabilised and I hope too with my PSA. It is too soon to know but I am hopeful. I have very little side effects from Metformin. Only some stomach discomfort.

People without diabetes may also take Metformin. Metformin may have contradictions for pregnant ladies. Please discuss taking Metformin with your physician before doing so.

Google Metformin and Cancer for more information.

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