Thursday, May 8, 2014

Know the symptoms for prostrate cancer recurrence

During our remission mode, we are always in anxiety to the smallest symptoms, whether real or perceived. We tend to imagine somewhat unnecessarily. Below are some of the symptoms that we should be focused on:

Symptoms of local spread are:
a. Blood in the urine.
b. Pain when passing urine.
c. General lower abdominal pain not linked to passing urine.
d. Impotence.
e. Incontinence.
f. Pain in the loin.
g. Signs of back pain.
h. Severe constipation and bleeding from the rectum.
j. Blood in the sperm.

b. Symptoms of distant spread
a. Bone pain at the new site.
b. Spontaneous bone fractures.
c. General weakness and numbness.
d. Paralysis of a leg.
e. Enlarged glands.
f. Swelling of the legs.
g. Pain in the groin.
h. Weight loss causing a bad situation called Cachexia or what is commonly known as wasting syndrome, which is almost irreversible.

j. Bleeding from skin and bowels.

Take care

Allen Lai

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