Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What me worry?

Me on top of Australia at Mount Buffalo, Victoria, April 2012

No I am no longer worried now that I have cancer. It is too late to worry. The battle is on. I must be focused to fight my battle.

Yes we should worry BEFORE we get cancer. Yes, prevention is better than cure. Much much better. Trust me, it is true. You can only believe me when you unfortunately become the next victim of cancer.

Be aware of the threats to our body. Be smart on how to avoid cancer. Cancer is on the rise worldwide. But it NEED NOT BE YOU, if you start worrying about it from now. Take care, extra care if I must add. You have no margin for errors. If cancer strikes, thats it. The battle is on for you too. No extra time for worries.

Read and do the needful to eat well, exercise adequately and practice good lifestyles.Better still be a care giver or be an advocate for good health, because doing so will take you to the path of good health, good knowledge in health issues and healthy practices.
Stay healthy.

Take care
Allen Lai

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