Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not any type of Green Tea

Your cup of green tea

We are now very certain that green tea is good to fight cancer. Nobody doubts it any more.

But what actually is needed when we drink green tea, to fight off cancer cells? Not the taste. Not the smoothness required by tea connoisseurs, but the catechin polyphenols, particularly Epigallocatechin Gallate or commonly known as EGCG.

Yes EGCG. The most powerful antioxidant that inhibit the growth of cancel cells in our body. And it is happily NOT harmful to our healthy cells.

So don't just drink any green tea without first checking out on the contents of the EGCG. Not all green tea are the same in the EGCG contents. Look for the labeling. If it does not describe the EGCG value, forget it, you will just be drinking tea, notwithstanding it is green. It is sooting and refreshing at best, but no polyphenol. NO EGCG. Period.

There are very few green teas in the market that actually shows EGCG values. Definitely not those green teas bought off the shelf in Supermarkets nor generally from any pharmacies . Look for EGCG.

Be knowledgeable. Take care.

Allen Lai

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