Sunday, June 17, 2012

After Prostrate Cancer

I have being reading a lot of books and news articles on cancer, particularly on Prostrate Cancer. I even read anything related to health issues. There are abundant readings everywhere. Reading them again and again reminds us to be healthy and keep illness at bay. However most books are quite straight forward and sends out the same messages. I do get refreshed after reading health issues.

After Prostrate Cancer - a what comes next guide to a safe and informed recovery by Dr Arnold Melman, MD is really one of the best books today for prostrate cancer survivors.

This book is very relevant to the impacts of post cancer treatments and what comes next. The book allays our fears and confusion somewhat. All cancer survivors are fearful of a relapse after being certified technically cancer free.

The book covers all the possible therapies and remedies to the side efects derived from treatments. The book offers real solutions to the problems of the side effects.

But what is most important are the descriptions of the latest protocols, drugs and therapies to come for survivors struggling with relapse after their treatments.
The final chapter The future of prostrate cancer treatment and recovery offers a lot of hope and reliefs that something will be available at the end of our dark tunnel. And sooner than later.

This is a must read book for survivors who are in the castration resistant stage of prostrate cancer. Google for the review of this book.

Take care.

Allen Lai

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