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New MyPlate 2012

Original Food Triangle 1992

The US Department of Agriculture ( USDA) released a new graphic icon called MyPlate to replace the familiar Food Triangle as the US standard for nutritional guidelines.

The Food Triangle had served its purpose for more than two decades. The triangle had displayed stratas of types of foods that are good or not good for the body. Foods at the top strata of the triangle were to be avoided and consumed less than foods shown in the lower strungs. The Food Triangle had become the univeral benchmark for nutritional guidelines. The graphical triangle was used in all nutritional and health promotional literatures and brochures.

Whilst the basic nutritional guidelines remains essentially the same, the new MyPlate do emphasise eating less on grains and cereals and more emphasis on fruits and vegetables. It is also noted that the new MyPlate does not mention anthing about fats and oil.

MyPlate is devided into four quadrants, one each for Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Proteins. Two quadrants are of the same size except for the vegetables and fruits quadrants. And that also the vegetables quadrant is slighter larger.  It is also noted that dairies are included as a side dish.

The graphical icon is colour coded and is easy to read and to follow. This new icon will eventually take its place in all nutritional guidelines worldwide.

The MyPlate underlying messages include:

Eat and enjoy your food.
Eat lesser portions.
Drink water instead of sugary drinks.
Eat less sodium.
Switch to low fat or fat- free milk.
Make half your plate comprise fruits and vegetables.
Eat whole grain cereals.

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