Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ibrahim - Closure

How do I close this episode in my life? Ibrahim was my first charge. But close I must. It is not easy for I must seek my soul and inner self. Should I feel any guilt; any short comings on my responsibilities? Why? Why wasn’t I given more time? No I did not procrastinate. I did my best. Yes I did. Yes we all did. No, I will not even try to find any excuses.  I cannot interfere with Allah’s plan for Ibrahim.

We did everything we possibly could. We had touched Ibrahim’s heart and he did ours.

Ibrahim had shown tremendous progress and he was allowed to be discharged from HKT. His last photos received from his father were very encouraging and even his last video showed that Ibrahim had said “Terima kasih Uncle” very loudly and heartily. “Terima kasih Semua”

Ibrahim had succumbed to leukemia in the morning of 29 July 2010. He was peaceful and free from pain. He was laid to rest next to his grandfather in his kampong family grave plots. Ibrahim is finally with Allah.

I had learnt so much in such a short time that I had known Ibrahim. He had given me an insight to courage, humility and love. I had experience strength and resolve that I had never experienced before. I had known the true feelings of Feel good Feeling good. I had seen no boundaries, no colour, no creed. It had brought out the leadership in me for I had always Served to Lead. Everything has a closure and I close this sad chapter with an open heart.

Thank you Ibrahim. Rest in Peace.

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