Saturday, August 14, 2010

Discipline, Self-discipline is the real key to fighting cancer

I had posted earlier, the ABCDs of fighting cancer. Attitude, Believe, Change and Discipline. Whilst all ABCD are indeed important factors, discipline is in truth, the single most important and critical factor in fighting cancer. ABCD is written in this order because of basic alphabetical convention. Not that attitude is more important than the rest of the other factors.
Allow me to elaborate a bit more in detail, my experience with discipline. Such a simple word but so hard to apply, particularly self-discipline. Perhaps it was poor knowledge and no self-discipline that had got us into trouble in the first place.
We were disciplined as young children by our parents. We were disciplined by our teachers when in school. We were disciplined when we joined the army and other uniformed organisations. In fact we expect some form of discipline in our place of work, on the roads with other users and of course we have to queue and things like that. It implies requirements for general good behaviour.  Basically we are to follow a set of established rules, conventions, rules of engagements, standing orders, operating procedures and what not; for fear of punishment. So punishment is the stick behind discipline. It is the sole motivator for us to be disciplined. But self discipline? How do we punish ourselves? Whilst the stick is behind discipline, a carrot is usually behind self- discipline. We get rewarded with good self-discipline.
Who would want to discipline a 67 years old man? Who would indeed have the heart to punish a cancer patient? Any age. Thus we would have to look at self-discipline. Be good, take our medications; be good, exercise more; be good, change your life style and eating habits. It needs self-discipline to make changes by ourselves and for ourselves. We must be focused on the carrots it brings for self-discipline.
In my case I try to impose self-punishments whenever I loose myself in self-discipline. For example, I have set myself to do regular Qi Gong exercises. In doing Qi Gong, I would have to do a lot of repeats. I would have to count the number of counts in the set of exercises. But I would loose count, as I get distracted easily. Was it 59 counts or 69 counts? My self-punishment would be to take the less count, regardless. So I would have to do 10 more counts. Cool ya?
I told myself that coffee is not good for me. So I had stopped taking coffee like I used to; sometimes 6 cups a day. I feel lousy being deprived of coffee. Sometimes I take a sip or two from my wife’s cup. Just cannot tahan. For self-punishment, I’ll have drink 3 cups of water to dilute the tiny sips of coffee taken.

In times when we ran out of my fresh vegetables and fruits in the house. I would not eat anything else. I’ll have to just drink my green tea and to take a nap or watch the TV. No lunch or dinner. That is my imposed self-discipline to eat healthy foods only. Eat healthy foods or nothing. But once in a while I treat myself to a grand indulgence of wicked foods.

Self-discipline should be self-imposed for rewards. It needs a lot of self-confidence and dedication to the end results. Try it. Do not punish yourself. Give yourself a treat once in a while.

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