Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hope for our children

Hope for our children

Presentation of family portrait

MOU Signed

Mr Skelchy and Mr Chris Yong

You cannot be happier than this

Me trying a new T

Smile, you matter

Mr Chris Yong and Staff of CM

Mr Anthony Skelchy, President NCSM

Group photo

Thank you Court Malaysia

I was invited to participate in the official launch for the Hope for our Children Campaign on 10 August 2010 by the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). The launch included a mini walkathon before the official addresses, MOU signing ceremony and press release.

It would be appropriate that I surmised the visions, objectives and purpose of our sponsors for the event. Hope for our Children Campaign is a joint campaign by NCSM and Courts Malaysia (CM). NCSM had been incorporated in 1966 as a registered charity body to provide education, care and support services for people affected by cancer. Courts Malaysia, formally known as Courts Mammoth Sdn Bhd, was incorporated in 1986. CM is a leading retailer of consumer electronics and furniture in the country. CM carries two very successful marketing strategies by providing a lowest price guarantee and with an affordable and flexible installment repayment plan to boot.

Despite both NCSM and CM were incorporated 20 years apart, they had shared a far sighted vision in launching the Hope for our Children Campaign. The campaign is very apt, timely and spot-on for today’s corporation’s desire to contribute back to society in their CSR programmes. CM had previously successfully supported Rumah Ceriaku Campaign since 1999 in their long history in community projects. This particular project adopted 50 orphanages in the country and had benefitted 2,491 children todate.

Today CM wanted to do more for children. Nothing would be more magnanimous and humbling than saving the lives of young cancer patients. I know because I have been there and done that. CM will achieve the Feel good feeling good euphoria and jubilation derived only from saving lives. Charity is also good in that it would make life easier for the recipients, but saving lives, even one life, we would have met God’s requirement for us. Saving lives touches the heart of the unfortunate person and their loved ones and caregivers. I must congratulate NCSM and CM for their initiative and objectives in this well thought out campaign.

Prevention is the best cure for cancer. The campaign’s tagline and slogan is very appropriate. Cancer Prevention Begins With A Healthy Lifestyle. It is the truth of the matter, and it should be inculcated into our children. We should empower our children with the knowledge that healthy lifestyle habits can reduce the risk of cancer later in life.

I wish to thank Dr Saunthari Somasundaram, Chief Executive and Medical Director NCSM for enlightening us about cancer in her welcoming address.

On behalf of all future direct recipients in this campaign and their loved ones and caregivers, I wish to thank Mr Chris Yong, Country Director CM, for the corporation’s commitment and pledge to this programme which carries a target contribution of RM1 million for this cause. So please do your part in giving something when you pass and see donation boxes in any of CM’s 50 outlets nationwide. You matter and this is a worthy cause.

About 200 people from cancer survivors, caregivers, supporters and staff from CM participated in this morning’s walkathon in Mutiaria Damansara. We were flagged off at 8.30 am in front of CM’s outlet. It was a nice and early walk around the office and shopping blocks. As I had noticed the morning’s traffic had picked up, I offered to help as a safety warden and assisted the police in traffic control in the many junctions and ingresses into the office blocks. We arrived safely back to our start point in less than 45 minutes to the delights of a good morning breakfast.

Thank you NCSM and Courts Malaysia.

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