Thursday, June 29, 2017

Metabolism and Bioavailibility

Eating well and moderately has been the mantra for cancer patients. But nobody talks about metabolism and bioavailability. Especially the latter. I have been asked many times what food is good for this cancer and that cancer? And there are tons of marketing of good foods for cancers. Some even “cures” cancer. The quality of food has changed the food-scape somewhat. There are adulterated and fake food scams to entice the uninformed.

I have no answer to these fierce marketing of food. I have since begun to go back to basics and that is metabolism and bioavailability. That is the whole reason why cancer is an individualized disease. No two person has the same levels of metabolism and bioavailibility. Then again age compounds to the problem. Metabolism slows down with age.

My personal food regime comprised animal protein rich food, thermo-genetic food, Omega 3 fats, berries, yogurt, oils and resistant starched foods. Protein rich foods increases thermogenic burn by at least 30%. As I am also diabetic, I opt for resistant starched food mainly also to control my blood sugar. The many properties of resistant starched food include improved metabolism, pre-biotic effects and reduces fat storage. Below are some prepared resistant starched food :

Green, unripe bananas.
Uncooked, rolled oats.
Potatoes that have been cooked then cooled.
Rice that has been cooked then cooled.
White beans that have been cooked then cooled.
Lentils that have been cooked then cooled.

Eating well makes the difference to enhance metabolism and bioavailability.

Take care.

Allen Lai