Saturday, June 17, 2017

Prostate Cancer and Exercise

I cannot over emphasise the importance of exercise for PCa, or for that matter exercise for all types of cancers.
Most cancer treatment centres today prescribe exercise as a form of therapy. Exercises does wonders to the body, no matter how old you are or how frail you are. I thank my belief that exercising is the least I can do for myself. Exercising over the years have paid off. It has helped me to cope with the harsh treatments and also calm myself when I start to worry. Now I have combined exercise with a passion to photograph birds. Yes a dual therapy. Birding has taught me to be patient and calm as I stalk near to photograph the bird. I can be very focused when I go birding. Of course the exercise part is actually carrying the heavy load of the camera gears and tripods and tracking long distances into the bird's habitats.

Below is a link to The Institute For Prostrate Cancer Research's video on PCa and Exercising. Read it  for better assurance.

Take care

Allen Lai

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