Friday, June 9, 2017

PSA baseline 2017 is now 0.25

It has been a good year for me in 2016 with a total PSA rise from 0.162 to 0.250. The second half of 2016 rose by 0.06

Yesterday I visited IKN for my biannual checkup. My PSA reading was 0.260, only a 0.01 point rise. The first half of 2017 rose by only 0.01. A DROP of 0.05 points. It looks like my new PSA baseline is now 0.25.

Weight constant at 70 kg
BP good at 117/76
Pulse rate at 104 bpm
Body Oxygen level at 97%

I am good save for my blood sugar level. I even had an EGC done to confirm my heart beats and rhythm.

Take care

Allen Lai

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