Saturday, December 28, 2013

Your prostate gland, love it or loose it

Lets go back to basics. A diseased prostate gland is the most regretful thing to most men. We men, take our prostate gland for granted. We don’t really know much about the gland, much less care about it.

Yes, we panic with horror when we are diagnosed with the prostate cancer. So lets go back to the basics. Get to know about the organ that gives you the most pleasure and procreate at will. Know the organ that allows you to urinate naturally after a few beers. Know the organ that won’t leak on you 24/7. Yes your prostate gland is a vital organ. Love it or loose it.

The Whole Life Prostate Book is written by H Ballentine Carter MD and Gerald Secor Couzens.  This is the book about everything that every man at every age needs to know about maintaining optimal prostate health. This book is very comprehensive and well written in an understandable presentation.
The author is a renown urologist with the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has been pioneering prostate treatments for his entire career. He states that most men living past 80 years old will have prostate cancer that began years ago and most men past 40 years old will have some degree of discomfort with lower tract symptoms (LUTS).  Good lifestyle habits, healthy diet and exercises will certainly prevent decline in male health. Deciding what treatments and therapies to address prostate cancer and LUTS will baffle most men.

Today prostatitis, which is the common medical term for inflammation of the prostate is further defined as chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome ( CP/CPPS.) BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is now defined as BPE (Benign Prostate Enlargement.)

The author is firm that being over weight or obese, especially amassing abdominal body fat is a major health risk for men. Chronic inflammation increases with excess body fat and can affect the prostate, leading to cellular damage that promotes prostate disorders, including cancer. Metabolic syndrome, a combination of disorders of weight, lipids and glucose increases the risk of prostate diseases.
Lifestyle modifications including dietary changes and physical activities can reverse metabolic syndrome. A moderate amount of exercise and physical activities can reduce the risk and progression of prostate cancer.

This is a must have book for men of all ages.

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Allen Lai

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