Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The cancer chronicles

The Cancer Chronicles chronicle the advents and events unlocking medicine’s deepest mystery about cancer. This is an excellent researched and compelling read about the original findings of cancer tumours and the frantic up-to-date researches to find the cure.

This is a must read book for anybody who wish to do their own research into cancer. Nobody could do a better job the author George Johnson, a renown science investigator and writer. Johnson was pushed to research into cancer to find treatments when his wife and loved ones were down with cancers.

The timeline in this chronicle denotes the vast studies conducted to research cancer. As we are getting there to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we find yet another level of mystery. Such is the complexity of cancers. Cancer is not a single disease but thousands of unique diseases.
I personally could not put it down once I started to read this fascinating book. It is all there, laid bare with facts about what we already know of cancer and more importantly what we do not know.
Thank you George Johnson, you did what you had to do. An amazing task accomplished.

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Allen Lai

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