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When to eat what

WHEN TO EAT WHAT is written by Heidi Reichenberger McIndoo MS, RD, LDN

There are as many nutrition and healthy eating books as there food. McIndoo is a registered dietitian. She knows diet and nutrition. She was a former spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and has written for Shape and Prevention magazines. 

This book describes bare facts about how to become healthier and manage your body weight. All information herein are based on research and science. There is no fad diet.

Here are some pointers extracted from the book

Harris Benedict formula:

Calories needs:
66+(6.23Xweight in lbs) + (12.7X height in inches) – (6.8X age in years) = X calories
665 + (4.35 X weight in lbs) + (4.7 X height in inches) – (4.7 X age in years) = X calories

To eat calories needed for each day, Multiply X calories by the following factors based on how active you are on a daily basis:
No exercise:  X calories times 1.2
Light exercises: (1 to 3 days per week ) X calories times 1.375
Moderate exercises: (3 to 5 days per week) X calories times 1.55
Hard exercises: (6 to 7 days per week) X calories times 1.725
To reduce weight one lb per week, eat 500 calories less or burn 500 calories in exercises per day.
Eating less than 1300 calories per day is unhealthy.

Guidelines to what to eat:
30% of calories from fats (1 gram of fats = 9 calories)
15-20% from proteins (1 gram of proteins = 4 calories)
50-55% from carbohydrates. (1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories)
Nutrient needs =
Total calories X nutrient % divide by calories per gram of nutrient.
Nutrient % for proteins = 0.20
Nutrient for carbohydrates = 0.50
Nutrient for fats = 0.30

If the diet is fixed for 1800 calories per day
Proteins needs:
1800 X 0.20 divide by 4 = 90 grams of proteins per day
Carbohydrate needs:
1800X 0.50 divide by 4 = 225 grams of carbohydrates per day
Fats needs:
1800 X 0.30 divide by 4 = 60 grams of fat per day

Recommended daily fiber needs:
Male 14-50 years old 38 grams
Male more than 51 years old 30 grams
Female 14 – 18 years old 26 grams
Females 19 -50 years old 25 grams
Females more than 51 years old 21 grams

Read the book for full details and yummy recipies
Take care

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