Saturday, December 14, 2013

UMMC Mid Study reviews

Saturday 14 December 2013. 

Almost three months into the UMMC Programme. Dr Nahar prepared us for a mid study review. Most of us had improved results from baseline data. 

I lost 2kg in weight. My VO2 max upped to 25.03 from 19.85.  
Fitness level up to 68 from 65. 
BMI dropped a point to 23.8

Also converted 2 kg body fat to body muscles. 

Thank you Dr Nahar, Gabriel and all UMMC Staff. Thanks for "pushing us". 

Keep it up BB GANG. We are almost there.

DR Nahar with Ester, Zack waiting...

Peter's turn

New kid on the block. Sam Yap (right)  just started

Gabriel keying in data for the records

 My VO2Max reading improved greatly

Heart beat count down in recovery mode.

Long way to go.

Take care

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